Information and Services

The Excellence Business Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Palm Coast, Florida offers a variety of resources and services to Hispanic entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses. These resources include access to business training and education, networking opportunities with other local business owners, and assistance with marketing and advertising. Additionally, the chamber offers guidance on navigating government regulations and obtaining necessary licenses and permits.

Also provides members with the opportunity to participate in community events and connect with other local organizations. By joining the chamber, Hispanic entrepreneurs can gain valuable support and resources to help them succeed in the local economy. The chamber is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the community, and welcomes all Hispanic entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses and contribute to the local economy.


Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Palm Coast to affiliate businesses: The chamber offers access to business education and training programs to help affiliate businesses develop the skills they need to succeed. Affiliate businesses can take advantage of marketing and advertising opportunities to promote their products and services to other businesses and consumers in the community. The chamber hosts networking events and other community events to help affiliate businesses connect with other business owners and professionals in the area and build valuable relationships within the community.

B2B Exchange

The Excellence Business Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Palm Coast offers a range of B2B services to help entrepreneurs connect with other local businesses and build relationships within the community. These services include networking events, business-to-business marketing opportunities, and access to a directory of other chamber members. Through networking events, entrepreneurs can meet other business owners and professionals in the area, exchange ideas, and potentially form partnerships or collaborations. Additionally, the chamber provides opportunities for members to showcase their products or services to other businesses through marketing and advertising initiatives.

Education & Training

The chamber offers a variety of educational workshops and seminars to help affiliates develop the skills they need to run successful businesses. Topics covered in these workshops and seminars include financial management, marketing, and business planning, among others. The chamber also provides access to online training resources and webinars to help affiliates stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in their industries. By participating in these education and training opportunities, affiliates can gain the knowledge and skills they need to grow their businesses and achieve long-term success.

Government & Programs

The chamber provides guidance and resources to help affiliates navigate government regulations and obtain necessary licenses and permits. The chamber also advocates on behalf of Hispanic entrepreneurs in the community, working to promote policies and programs that support their growth and development. Through partnerships with local government agencies and other organizations, the chamber helps affiliates access a variety of programs and resources to support their businesses. By working with the chamber to navigate government regulations and access programs and resources, affiliates can save time and money while growing their businesses and contributing to the local economy.